Magnetic Laundry System – Never Pay For Detergent Again

5 Reasons Why You Should Use Magnets To Clean Your Messy Clothes..

It’s true you CAN and SHOULD use magnets to wash your messy clothes… 

  BUT - you can’t use any old magnets.

 You need our patented powerful “blue ball” magnets that make up the science-backed Magnetic Laundry System. They have revolutionized the way we wash our clothes FOREVER. 

  Here’s 5 reasons WHY the Magnetic Laundry System is SO great:

  1. It DOESN’T need expensive detergent to work its magic on your messy clothes. 

  2. By NOT having to use dangerous, toxic filled, detergent you’re eliminating the health risk to you and your family.

  3. Our magnets are 100% REUSABLE and last a LIFETIME saving you even more money. 

  4. You ALSO save money on your hydro bills because the MLS uses less water and needs less cycles to get clothes clean. 

  5. Unlike detergents our magnets are environmentally friendly. 

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