Reading is one of the most fundamental skills in life. Probably the most important after language. The sooner your children start to learn reading the more benefit they can take from it.  But how do your kids learn to read and what can you do to help them in doing so? 

These are some tips:

Go over the alphabet with your pre-schooler! Show them what the letters look like, while speaking them out loud. If your child will join you, motivate and reward them by excitment, for example, clapping and cheering. 

Show them how to read. When reading use your finger and show them to go from top to bottom and from left to right. By doing so, your child will have an anchor point of how to start reading and where to go from there. 

Teach your children that similar words mean different things. Show them lists of words, for example:






By showing this, your child can understand the meaning of different words and distinct them from each other. 

Other than that, you can sign up your child for a reading-learning program. We recommend the one from Children Learning Reading. There is a free trial for it now and it can get your kids up to speed in no-time. 


Make reading fun
Make reading fun



Jim Yang is the founder of and has extensively researched and developed a proven program to teach your child to read quickly. He taught his own four children how to read starting at age 2 and he will give us tips on how we can successfully teach our own children to read at a very young age!

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